Monday, July 7, 2008

Product Review - Eco-friendly Sandbox

My husband and I were excited to build our son's first sandbox this summer. In my quest to be friendly to the environment, I Googled "eco-friendly sandbox" and made my purchase from PlanetGreenSpot.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how compact the shipping box was. However, its small footprint is probably the greenest aspect of this sandbox. They also claim that the special waterproofing process done on the wood is safe for children, pets, and environment. That's great but why not take it a step (or two or three) further and use recycled plastic, FSC certified wood or renewable resources like bamboo?

Pros: The sandbox design is unique and we love the retractable roof. It ships in a very compact box. Free shipping. Claims to be eco-friendly.

Cons: It's made from a very soft pine that is not very sturdy. The directions and diagrams did not match the actual pieces but we figured out how to assemble it. Not really as green as I had hoped.

So far, our son LOVES his sandbox. How long will this sandbox last? That will be the real test.

As a side note, the owner of PlanetGreenSpot called me after reading my product review and is hopeful that the manufacturer will take further steps to make the sandbox "greener". A new version is coming soon soon and some of those ideas may be incorporated. In addition, he said that every purchased is guaranteed. Personally, I was impressed that he took the time to call me. I will definitely continue shopping with them.