Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Grandma always used to say that white vinegar and some elbow grease would clean just about anything. I have to admit that until recently, I thought it was easier (and better) to use the good ol' cleaning supplies on the market.

It turns out (surprise, surprise) that these tried and true cleaning supplies are loaded with toxins, and aren't good for my family, my home, or the planet. So I decided to listen to my very wise Grandma and give the vinegar a shot.

My first question was...how the heck am I supposed to use vinegar to clean??? Diluted or full strength? Pour or spray it on? Rinse it off or leave it be? I recently came across a web site that is chocked full of vinegar tips. It has so many fabulous ideas that I actually started cleaning as I was reading them. Plus, they have other vinegar tips for cooking, gardening, health, and more. Who knew vinegar was so versatile?

So check out the tips and don't forget to bookmark the site.

Happy green cleaning!