Thursday, October 9, 2008

This green backpack is too dog-gone cute

To me, going green is all about making wiser decisions and modifying my shopping behavior. I continually ask I really need that? If so, I look for a green option when possible.

So when it was time to buy my son a new backpack, I was on a mission to find a super cute eco-friendly bag for the little guy. Alex is turning one tomorrow so I can still make the decisions (or that’s what I’m telling myself at least).

After some online searching, I found this adorable puppy backpack made by EcoGear. It’s made with organically-grown cotton canvas, non-toxic dyes, sustainable wood closure, and recycled plastic components.

The size is perfect for all the "mission critical" stuff he needs to take to daycare everyday like a change of clothes, sippy cup, and a toy. The cotton canvas is sturdy yet has a nice softness to it. I think I can throw it in the washing machine but will have to double check on that when he gets home tonight.

Most importantly, Alex lights up whenever he sees his new puppy bag. And I feel great knowing that it was produced responsibly and isn't releasing toxins into the air.

EcoGear also sells Panda, Pig, and Elephant backpacks in their EcoZoo line. They’re not cheap (came in around $40 after tax and shipping) but I think it was a great investment that should last him a few years.

So the next time you are in the market for that next bag, pair of shoes, cutting board, or a quick search online to see if you can find an eco-friendly alternative. You would be amazed at the options that are at our fingertips!