Friday, October 24, 2008

Ten tips for decorating green this Halloween

Please forgo the paper and disposable plastic Halloween decorations and invest in spooky decorations that you can use year after year. Or go all-natural!

1. Decorate your home, inside and out, with locally grown pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and brightly colored fall leaves. These natural decorations will provide a splash of season-appropriate color all the way through Thanksgiving.

2. Make homemade luminaries to light your pathway or place along your windowsills. Save a few tin cans, wash well, fill with water, and put in freezer. Once frozen, you will be able to pound a simple pattern into the can using a hammer and a nail. The ice will keep the can from collapsing as you create your masterpiece. Make simple jack-o-lantern faces, a cat, the moon, or the word “BOO”. When finished carving, remove the ice and dry well. Put some sand, dirt, or rocks in the bottom to weigh down. Place a tea light candle or a glow stick inside. Note: if you use a candle, place your luminaries up and away from your Halloween traffic. Windowsills are the perfect location for these recycled luminaries.

3. What to do with all those glass jars you've been saving? Why not decoupage them with orange tissue paper and add black shapes to create a glass jack-o-lantern? Drop a candle inside and you have a glowing masterpiece. Get creative and decoupage with purple tissue paper and add a white ghost. Use all different shapes and sizes of jars to make your collection interesting. The day after Halloween, you can use your jars to store all that Halloween loot.

4. There are many solar-powered Halloween lights on the market. These are great because you aren’t using energy to light them and you don’t have to worry about extension cords.

5. Make a simple ghost for your yard by putting a bike helmet on a hat stand. Attach a broom or a long stick to form a cross. Drape a white sheet over the hat stand and say “boo”.

6. Create a scarecrow with jeans and a shirt, stuffed with old newspaper, straw, or leaves. Leave it headless for a scary version or add a pumpkin on top with a funny face.

7. Find other home d├ęcor items made from natural materials, like our Acorn Baskets made from natural seagrass. These are not only adorable but functional and can be used year-round.

8. Banish the home fragrance sprays and fill your home with the scents of homemade cookies or a fresh-baked pie. Don’t have time? Light a fragrant soy candle with all-natural essential oils. There are several mouth watering holiday scents.

9. Light the path for trick-or-treaters with an orange CFL bulb.

10. Remember to carefully wrap and pack all of your Halloween decorations so you can continue to use them for years to come.

How are you decorating for a green Halloween this year?