Friday, September 26, 2008

Find a "Green Jobs Now" Event Near You!

This Saturday, September 27, hundreds of "Green Jobs Now" events (656 to be exact) will be held across the country to make one statement: we must repower America with green jobs.

My husband and I are taking the kids to a rally at UCSD tomorrow to show our support. I'm pretty excited about it as this will be the first "official" rally that I've attended. Just thinking about it takes me back to my parents' hippie days. Maybe I should put flowers in my hair tomorrow. Ack! I'm turning into my Mom. No flowers, no freedom music, just good ol' green support.

I'm also pretty eager to see how our 14 year old daughter and her girlfriend respond to the rally tomorrow. Today's youth are MUCH more engaged in the environment than I was at that age. I hope it will leave them with a desire to do something bigger than update their MySpace page and they will demand that we clean up our planet and keep it healthy.

Is there a "Green Jobs Now" event near you? Why not take an hour out of your busy day and drop in to show your support? Click here to find an event near you.